Startup Rally Goes to 9 Cities to Connect Different Ecosystems of Europe

Startup Rally is a series of events running across 9 European cities, created to help startups from all over Europe to pitch to investors, develop skills and products, meet local industry leaders and connect with fellow tech enthusiasts.

Startups pitch lasts for 7 minutes, including Q&A, jury provides feedback and selects the winner, while industry experts share their tips and experience.

Startup Rally is initiated and run by Leto, London and Berlin-based digital innovation agency that helps European and international startups to develop and grow.

Startup Rally departs from London on September 9th and will take place in:
–    Amsterdam 10th September,
–    Hamburg 12th September,
–    Berlin 15th September,
–    Prague 17th September,
–    Vienna 19th September,
–    Munich 22nd September,
–    Zurich 24th September,
–    Paris 26th September,
–    gala event in London on September 29th.

If you want to pitch your startup make sure you fit the requirements listed here and apply here until August 28th .

If you don’t feel ready to pitch your startup yet, tickets for each event will become available soon, so you can attend the event and network with local entrepreneurs and the organisers, creating a pan-european atmosphere.

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