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Green marketing: Do’s and Don’ts

Since ‘greenwashing‘ prevails in many campaigns of dominant companies, the guide to proper marketing needs to be broadened when it comes to sustainability. Any business that does not want to mislead but to have a positive impact both on its audience and on the market and the environment primarily, must meet certain standards. •Be honest […]

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TITAN Group: “Green” investment in the USA

TITAN Group announced through its subsidiary, Titan America, a new investment of 35 million dollars to build a 70,000-ton vaulted warehouse at the Port Tampa Bay import station in Florida, USA. The investment will upgrade TITAN’s import capacity in the U.S., while at the same time will increase the ability to provide cement products with […]

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BEAT’s green initiatives turns Greece to electromobility

BEAT’s “green” initiatives continue against the backdrop of reducing the environmental footprint within cities, putting the environment at the heart of its strategy. The largest taxi call application in Greece, announced an ambitious package of support for its drivers – partners, through a series of privileged partnerships for the transition to electromobility In particular, having […]

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Visa Innovation Program: The 3rd cycle with 18 fintechs has ended

The Visa Innovation Program announced the graduation of the third group of 18 participating fintechs. The Visa Innovation Program is a collaborative platform for emerging startups, Visa and its vast network of clients and partners that spans the entire Southeastern European region and fosters innovation in the fintech and payment sectors. Once a year, startups […]

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