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Fraud Line: The pioneers of whistleblowing in Greece

In the modern, competitive and constantly changing environment, the value of a business is not only estimated by its financial performance, but mainly by the trust shown by customers, investors and employees themselves. An important parameter for strengthening the integrity culture is whistleblowing,  the existence of secure reporting channels for uncovering illegal or immoral behaviors […]

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13 fintech startups pitch to first Mastercard Fintech Day

Mastercard is holding for the first time the Mastercard Fintech Day, an event that brings together selected fintech companies from the Central and Eastern European region, giving them the opportunity to emerge and earn a place in Mastercard’s global start-up program, Start Path. Mastercard Fintech Day is implemented with the support of Start Path and […]

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How KORRES redefines sustainability

KORRES gives a new “breath” to the concepts of innovation and sustainability, through its own Complete Cycle of 6 KORRES Labs that it has created – an effort that began in the 90s – marking the path of each product from nature to the skin and back again. There are six laboratories, at the core […]

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