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These are the Greek inventors who excelled or distinguished in the OBI competition.

After evaluating approximately 200 applications, the Industrial Property Organisation announced the selected inventors who will be awarded at the Agency’s 4th Awards on June 23, 2021. According to the announcement, the awards will be given to three inventors categories, first to those as part of a research project on behalf of a university or Research Center, […]

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Five Largest Internet Companies Hit 1.7 Million Employees, a 60% Increase in a Year

The digital transformation fuelled by the COVID-19 has speeded up the growth of the world’s largest internet companies. Today, these tech giants employ more people than ever and generate revenue counted in tens and hundreds of billions of dollars. According to data presented by Buy Shares, Amazon, Alibaba, Alphabet, Facebook, and eBay, as the world’s largest […]

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Digital Health Revenues to Jump by 34% and Hit $177.5B by 2023

Although the COVID-19 pandemic put enormous pressure on the global healthcare sector, one of the promising side effects has been the rapid growth of digital health services. During the crisis, hospitals were facing the most challenging public health threat they have ever experienced. However, digital health has stepped in providing innovative and effective solutions for […]

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Balderton Capital expands, launching $680m “Early Growth” fund to invest in Future Tech Giants born in Europe

After two decades as one of the leading European Series A venture firms, Balderton is building on the success of its Liquidity Fund and is now expanding to primary growth investing.  The highlights of today’s announcement: With this new fund, Balderton is now actively deploying over $1bn in Europe’s break out companies Balderton Growth I […]

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Shock absorber expertise from BILSTEIN now at REPXPERT

Following the very successful cooperation in the field of technical training, BILSTEIN and Schaeffler have now extended their collaboration in the aftermarket to the REPXPERT online portal designed for workshops. Registered car repair shops can now find valuable information on BILSTEIN products, installation instructions in video format, training courses, practical tips and vehicle-specific installation instructions […]

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