Horizons Ventures invests in Jobspotting

The Berlin startup Jobspotting has received a seed investment from Horizons Ventures, a venture capital firm from the Hong Kong. Horizons Ventures has invested in companies such as Facebook, Skype, Spotify and Slack.

Jobspotting seeks to change job search through utilising data to provide personalised recommendations. Similar technologies have already been harnessed successfully in other verticals by services, such as Spotify, Netflix and Pandora.

Jobspotting hones the job search process by recommending opportunities to the user, which are based on the users’ interests, desired location and work experience. The algorithm learns when the user flags a job as either relevant or unsuitable, to better identify the best job offers.

“The funding will be used for Jobspotting’s ongoing development and expansion plans into new countries. At the same time, the platform will soon be available in ten languages and we will release an Android app and new bespoke features that will enable users to further personalise their experience. The investment comes at just the right time. With Horizons, we have a strong partner at our side during our expansion and internationalisation phase”, said Robin Haak, Co-­Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Jobspotting.

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