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Five Largest Internet Companies Hit 1.7 Million Employees, a 60% Increase in a Year

The digital transformation fuelled by the COVID-19 has speeded up the growth of the world’s largest internet companies. Today, these tech giants employ more people than ever and generate revenue counted in tens and hundreds of billions of dollars. According to data presented by Buy Shares, Amazon, Alibaba, Alphabet, Facebook, and eBay, as the world’s largest […]

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Audi, BMW and Mercedes bought Nokia’s HERE!

The European car makers Audi, BMW and Mercedes bought for an amount of €2,8 billion HERE, Nokia’s mapping business. The three German car makers emerged successful over Baidu, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook and Apple, which also expressed their interest in buying HERE, which customers include Microsoft, Samsung and SAP and its technology underpins apps used by […]

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Sony acquired Optical Archive

In order to… pump-in some new blood in its Blu-Ray segment, Sony bought Optical Archive, a Facebook spin-off. Recently, Facebook fashioned a system that could transform Blu-Ray optical discs into a means of preserving the hundreds of millions of photos uploaded to the social network every day. Sony and Optical Archive are working closely in […]

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