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7 out of 10 digital nomads prefer Greece as a work base

According to the 14th annual global survey HSBC Expat Explorer, which involved more than 20,000 people living and working far from home, 7 out of 10 expatriates in Greece feel that their quality of life is better compared to their country. Several (61%) respondents in Greece find that the balance between their personal and professional lives […]

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Late payments can affect customers and businesses

SMEs consist a huge proportion of theUK’s total turnover (around 52%) , and an important part of the supply chain.The essential problem is late payments, that cost the economy 2.5 billion pounds a year. Businesses in the supply chain have become almost accustomed to being paid late with 74% of manufacturing companies experiencing regular late […]

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The micro and nano influencers that became a trend

Something that may not immediately come to mind when talking about Influencer Marketing, is the use of the employees themselves as the biggest influencers or supporters of the company. As both the trend of micro-influencers and the demand for more authentic content grows, some companies are now turning inwards. After all, no one knows the […]

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40% of employees are thinking about changing jobs

The market is mature and the workers ready to change job. The study found that 2/3 of employees are convinced that companies will resume significant hiring. In addition, it was found that almost two out of five (2/5) change or think about changing jobs, with 41% thinking of moving to jobs with more flexible working […]

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