Public acquires 50% of iRepair and brings a new service experience

The agreement for the strategic cooperation of the two companies is sealed by the acquisition of 50% of iRepair by Public

Public Group has announced its strategic partnership with iRepair, the leading company of repair centers for electronic devices in Greece. In the coming years, this synergy will bring to public stores in Greece and Cyprus a more complete and fast customer service. To seal the partnership, Public Group acquires a 50% stake in iRepair. Chris Humbert, founder and major shareholder of iRepair, as CEO and majority shareholder will lead the development of the new scheme.

The implementation of the cooperation between Public Group and iRepair begins with 4 iRepair service points having been created within the Public stores at The Mall Athens, Glyfada, Syntagma and Piraeus. Additional iRepair service points in Greece and Cyprus will be created in 2022 and 2023, with the support of an extensive after sales support team that will operate in 100+ physical locations and will employ 350 specialized technicians by the end of 2024.

Visitors to iRepair service points within Public stores will now have access to a comprehensive range of technical support and repair services for technology devices covering smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop devices, complementing the services offered by Public, with repairs popular for consumers, such as screens and batteries, among others.

The competitive advantage is the convenience for the customer, the immediate repair, and the high quality in the final result, thanks to the specialized team of iRepair. For example, customers of the Public store in Syntagma will be able to leave their mobile phone for an immediate change of screen or battery to be repaired while they are loooking around in the store or enjoying a coffee at Public Café.

Also, as iRepair’s technicians are among the few in Greece and Cyprus who are certified by Apple to undertake the repair of iPhone, iPad, iMac and MacBook with original spare parts, the cooperation extends the access of customers to the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Gradually they will be integrated into the iRepair service points in public stores and other market-leading services.

“The investment in iRepair confirms our commitment to develop strong partnerships with unique benefits for our customers. We now bring to Public the quality services of iRepair – with immediate repair of devices – because we want our customers to have the most complete and reliable after sales support. Chris and I share the same principle, to provide our customers with innovative services, high quality that build timeless relationships of trust.”, said Robby Bourlas, CEO of Public Group.

“iRepair has proven to be the most effective in repairing electronic devices in Greece and has fairly won its title as a pioneer not only in repairs but also in customer service.We have managed over the years to understand the needs of the market and to evolve our business model. iRepair’s partnership with Public Group, a leader in the electronics retail trade, contributes to the formation of a fully functional and innovative service experience model. This collaboration is for me clearly the signaling of a new era, as we share the same passion and the same philosophy to set as a basic priority the excellent service for every customer.”, stated Chris Humbert, founder and CEO of iRepair.

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