Sitecore’s hub in Greece creates 100 new jobs in 2022

The multinational company is implementing an extensive development plan, tripling new jobs for developers and software engineers in the region

As part of its investment program of more than 1,2 billion euros in the coming years, Sitecore, ,the global leader in digital experience management software, announced the launch of its new technology hub in Athens. Following the acquisition of Moosend last May, Sitecore is further developing its footprint in Greece by expanding its operations and strengthening the hub with approximately 100 new jobs to be created in 2022.

The aim of the technology hub is to support the product expansion and development plan with a vision to disrupt the digital experience industry by offering an end-to-end, content to commerce product suite in the cloud, along with the creation of new and innovative technological solutions and the increase of jobs. Sitecore is constantly investing in the development of new technologies in unexplored areas, such as product development, while focusing on the cloud (Azure and AWS) and cloud automation, and the software and solutions that will be developed by the Athens team will be utilized by the company’s existing and future clientele around the world.

Sitecore’s decision to enrich its team with executives from the local market is paying off, as the company has already proceeded to about 50 recruitments, while within the next six months, the company is expected to triple its workforce in Athens, covering mainly positions of developers and software engineers, so that the technology center will be able to support the company’s strategic development plan and its activities, in Greece, as well as internationally. In order to make the procedure even easier and more effective for candidates in Greece, Sitecore is also launching a specialized career site through which interested parties can submit their CV and speed up the interview process with the company’s team in Athens.

“The choice of Athens for Sitecore’s technology hub was made in order to effectively utilize the Greek talent and the undeniably high level of Greek engineers and developers. Recognizing that the added value of the company is its people, its goal is to form a team with high training and skills and multifaceted experience in technology issues. With our recent strategic moves we have further enhanced the quality and breadth of our digital experience solutions. Greece is an important part of the company’s overall global expansion and our technology hub comes to seal not only our presence in the wider region and actively contribute to the increase of our shares, but also to expand the opportunities for our customers around the world and to provide even more advanced digital experiences to our customers, resulting in higher performance.”, stated Yannis Psarras, VP of Engineering at Sitecore.

“We are counting several years of successful cooperation with Sitecore. In the spring of 2020 we switched to the new Sitecore 9.1, consolidating the website with our blog, as part of the new content marketing strategy according to which the blog would be a content platform aimed at creating traffic to product pages and thus producing sales leads from quotation forms found on those pages. As a result of our collaboration, we saw an increase of +52% in sessions per user on the blog and an increase of +25% in sales leads within a year. In addition, the new format has contributed to the centralized management of content as it acts as a content hub, supplying other digital platforms with content.”, said Nota Stavrou, Digital Marketing and Social Media Specialist at Eurolife FFH.

Founded in 2001, Sitecore is active in the field of digital marketing and digital content management and has an extensive presence in the U.S., as well as around the world, through a round of acquisitions it made earlier in the year, among which was the Greek Startup Moosend in the spring.

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