Ukrainian Rocket enters the greek delivery market

Rocket, a new online delivery service enters the greek market, after its successful launching in Ukraine, Holland, Cyprus and France.

As it states in its announcement, the company intends to provide, through its application, exceptional service and incomparable privileges not only to the consumers but also to collaborating food-service establishments.

“We planned our strategic expansion after the extensive research we conducted, in cooperation with PWC. Athens due to several criteria appeared as an opportunity, so we decided to make the first step starting from the popular area of Halandri, where there are a lot of food-service establishments and restaurants.One of our main priorities was to develop strong bonds with the restaurants of the city. Since we know that it has been a hard time for the business owners of this sector, we ensure affordable commission fees in order to bring in higher profits for them. Our aim is to offer freshly-baked food fast, anywhere and anytime. In Rocket we believe in people-centred support of our partners and we have as priority the success of our network’s collaborating stores.”, stated Clementine Joly, Head of Marketing-Europe.

For the near future the target is to add plenty of food-service establishments, which will offer greater range of options to the consumers. So, the service will be available in the centre of Athens within the next weeks. The stores that have already been added to Rocket’s platform are benefited, according to the company, since they are provided with high quality service and privileges, such as lower commission fee, marketing consultancy services, social media promotion and professional photoshooting of meals and dishes.

Rocket’s app is avaialble for Android and iOS. The user is registered by filling in its address and the menu appears on the screen , in ordr to choose the meal or the beverage he likes through a few simple steps.

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