EcoResources: The “link” between research and business in Greece

A significant problem that deters the reinforcement of competitiveness in greek economy is the low degree of synergy among research units , small and medium-sized enterprises and industry. The problem is escalated, since the academic units are not willing to participate in entrepreneurial activities, whilst the administrative model remains outdated and bureaucratic, therefore not allowing solutions.

On the other hand, the business ecosystem appears quite skeptical about investments connected with the adoption of innovative technologies and services. The reasons are many such as the former bad cooperation experience with the universities, the lack of strong tax incentives etc.

Bridging the gap between research and businesses would be critical for the acceleration of technological development, the introduction of new profitable business fields and the creation of innovative products emphasizing on sectors of the national economy with long tradition and experience.

EcoResources, a company that pursues the establishment of flexible working groups which can combine high level scientific expertise and knowledge on the market, aims to feature innovation through a model of constructive cooperation between research and industry. The company , based in Thessaloniki , specializes in providing services and sustainable solutions on the fields of mining , chemical and environmental engineering, agri-food, nanomaterials and pharmaceutical products.

EcoResources was founded in 2018 with a vision to create strong bonds among academic units and private or public units offering scientific, technical, financial and administrative expertise. EcoResources’ applied research includes analysis, development, management and implementation of state-of-the-art solutions that promote innovation leading to higher Technology Readiness Levels.

EcoResources vision depends on strengthening the bonds between research units and businesses, offering for the first time an integrated 360o approach , starting from the main idea of an innovative project and reaching scientific, technical, financial and managerial implementation.Special attention is given to the development and adoption of circular economy and environmental protection strategies.

EcoResources has already managed to become an active member in many research and investment programs, such as the design and construction of a mixing reactor for marble dust and polymers, the participation in the construction of a pyrolysis furnace for solid wastes and the production of digital biogas meters .Recently EcoResources joined the european program FIGHT KIDS CANCER aiming to develop new fighting methods against kid cancer by designing a reactor that produses magnetic nanoparticles at a clinical level. 

At the same time EcoResources guides the creation and development of GrawMat ,a novel cluster aiming to assist the synergy between business and research sector to promote circular economy and environmental protection.GrawMat consists of 10 big mining companies, 2 academic units and two small mediun-sized companies, such as Hellenic Gold, Stone Group International and more. The company, through GrawMat , is an active member of the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA), since its CEO Dr Evangelos Tzamos was elected as one of the coordinators of Task Force of ERMA.

EcoResources scientific advisory board consists of experts who are connected with national and international universities and institutions.This enables the company to have access to advanced experimental equipment such as X-ray diffraction, Thermal Analysis (TGA, DSC), Transmission electron microscopy (TEM, SEM), Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and many more. 

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