New platform of aims at becoming the Greek LinkedIn

An investment that aims at a new, more user-friendly experience in finding a job, including interactive tools

At the end of the first week of April, the new digital platform of begins its operation, which, as pointed out to press representatives, its president and co-founder Theophilos Vassiliadis, aspires to compete with Linkedin.

To whom it will be addressed and what it will contain

The total amount of the investment exceeds 2,5 million euros, along with the acquisition of the company Human Factor that took place in order to contribute towards the creation of the new platform. The investment will result in the creation of interactive and direct communication, will be linked to the operating model of social networks and will also be addressed to a very large number of citizens, who do not necessarily seek a job at the moment.

As mentioned by the president of kariera, which began its operation in 1997 as a Startup and Yiannis Zaoudis, Head of Product and Tech of kariera, users of the new platform will have the opportunity, apart from classifieds, to find company presentations, videos, research series and content from publications (media content) that will focus on the piece of work per sector.

A mobile search engine for work

As it was emphasized, the new platform emphasizes the fast access from the mobile phone, which according to relevant research is now the dominant search trend. It is characteristic that 75% of those looking for a job, perform the search via mobile phone.The aim of the new platform will be, in addition to finding a job for those who are looking for, to contribute decisively to the great need that exists today for recruitment in many individual sectors of entrepreneurship, something that is often pointed out by employers.

Mr. Vassiliadis stressed that the company aims at its further dynamic growth in new markets around the world and in this context will proceed to acquisitions when opportunities arise, while at the same time further enriching the services provided. In this context, it is estimated that a significant number of new jobs and new hires will be created in kariera, which currently employs about 100 people.

According to what is reported on the company’s website, every month, more than 500,000 users trust the to help them find their next job among 12,000 employers who use the company’s portal. These numbers are estimated to experience strong growth with more than 1 million prospective users.

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