VALK: The new seed investment of Metavallon VC

Metavallon VC announced its Seed investment in VALK, a complete end-to-end solution by digitizing traditional investment processes of unlisted assets. 

In the investment round, led by Metavallon, also participated F10 accelerator (supported by SIX GROUP, operator of the Swiss and Spanish stock exchanges), SICTIC the biggest angel investor group from Switzerland and one of the biggest infrastructure providers in fintech sector.

VALK was founded in 2019 by Antoine Loth and Eie Azzi. It is a London and Zurich based fintech company that has developed an end-to-end digital transaction solution for unlisted and illiquid markets that can be used by investment banks, asset managers and fund managers that want to digitize their processes and their portfolio data in order to reduce costs, time spent on processes, improve user experience and transactions and operate secondary market trades.

Their solution is built on two strong banking technological platforms: Corda of R3 Consortium and BT Radianz, giving their clients access to a wide network of financial institutions with which they can connect and trade. Being built on Corda, VALK’s platform allows instant settlement on blockchain, investing & secondary market trading in a secure, compliant and robust environment’It also offers interoperability and connectivity with the world’s largest banking DLT ecosystem (Distributed Ledger Technologies). VALK is the leading Cordapp (Corda Distributed Application) for unlisted markets, with a strong ecosystem of users in Europe supporting already hundreds of millions of transactions.

VALK’s solution does not only aim to buying technological solutions for the billion dollar financial sector thanks to Distributed Ledger Technology but also the more traditional and very significant markets of CRM and Data Rooms. The existing round of funding will be used to reinforce the team, accelerate commercialization and ensure the successful deployment of new pilots with partners and clients.

“We are delighted to welcome Metavallon as a lead investor in our round alongside key strategic investors. This seed round will enable us to reinforce our resources in order to further automate the solution that we offer to a wider number of clients in different areas of the world. Last year enabled us to prove the credibility of our product and interest from the market and this round is bringing us the necessary support to accelerate our development.”, stated VALK founders Antoine Loth and Elie Azzi.

“We are happy to add VALK to our portfolio, our first investment in the blockchain space and especially since it is building its solution on Corda platform of R3 Consortium, a platform tailored to its target market (fintech). We are excited to support VALK in addressing a real problem – trading in unlisted assets – with a highly secure/traceability solution that enhances customers productivity, while at the same time transferring relevant expertise to the Greek ecosystem.”, states Yorgos Mousmoulas, Partner at Metavallon VC.


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