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Thodoris Koukoutsas: The adoption of blockchain from businesses will benefit many industries and communities

The President and CEO of GX Blocks Energy talks to Startupper Mag about the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry and explains why his company stands out in this ecosystem. It is a fact that in recent years we have seen, read and heard a lot about Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, their impact on the environment and their usefulness […]

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The greek startups with the biggest funding

In Greece, a number of startups stand out that have received top fundings and have grown rapidly, contributing to the economy and the production of the ecosystem. Being on a growth trajectory, many of them raised capital that they invested in their areas of activity, placing them among the top players. One of them is […]

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VALK: The new seed investment of Metavallon VC

Metavallon VC announced its Seed investment in VALK, a complete end-to-end solution by digitizing traditional investment processes of unlisted assets.  In the investment round, led by Metavallon, also participated F10 accelerator (supported by SIX GROUP, operator of the Swiss and Spanish stock exchanges), SICTIC the biggest angel investor group from Switzerland and one of the […]

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