SEV-Innovative Greeks: Conference about investments in innovation

Reinventing Greece through Investments in Innovation” is organized by SEV and Innovative Greeks, online on Wednesday, December 1st, 2021, at 14:30.

At the investment conference, 27 important personalities from Greece and abroad – entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, etc. – will discuss how the ecosystem in Greece will be able to further contribute to the development of the Investment Conference “Reinventing Greece through Investments in Innovation”, through foreign investment in high value-added innovation. According to the relevant announcement, the prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will participate in the conference, while the results of the “Talent-led Digital and Innovation FDI in Greece” survey implemented by SEV in collaboration with Accenture will be presented.

Objectives of the conference

According to the announcement, as the confidence of foreign investors in Greece is restored, the country is increasingly successful in attracting international capital and significant resources for technology and innovation. Investors recognize Greece’s investment potential, but the investment “journey” is still at the beginning. Greece needs to further enhance its profile as a top investment destination. Especially with regard to its strategy for foreign investment in innovation and technology, the country needs to improve and promote actions to attract investments with multiplying benefits for the entire economy.

Cooperation between the private and public sectors is vital. Much can be achieved when all stakeholders join forces for the systematic repositioning of Greece as an investment destination for innovation and technology. Foreign technology investment accelerates innovation, enhances skills and technology and improves Greece’s long-term ability to penetrate larger sectoral ecosystems.

Expanding its international investment portfolio with technology-intensive investments from global high-tech companies will help the country strengthen its innovation ecosystem with new R&D centers, centres of excellence, increased demand for local and international talent, faster upgrading, as well as broader social and economic spill-over effects.

At the investment conference, global business leaders, investors and leaders of the innovation and technology industry will share their knowledge from the experience of their own international corporate investments, explain what made Greece attractive to them and discuss ways to further improve the investment environment and attempt to provide answers to key questions, such as what are the social and economic factors that influence investment decisions or what are the experiences of investors in Greece.Also, what needs to be done to promote foreign investment in innovation and technology in Greece and which sectors drive Greece’s investment reach.

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