Vauban wants to launch a new era in startup funding

It is common knowledge, in the Startup ecosystem, that the first steps of a startup often prove to be the most difficult. From the conception of a truly innovative idea to the preparation of an integrated business plan and the securing of the coveted first funding, the road, at least in the beginning, is uphill.

Especially when it comes to funding from VCs, startups will have to meet a large number of criteria so that investors can trust them with their capital. But even if VCs and Startups reach a funding agreement, the whole process remains time-consuming and complex. In order to solve this problem, Vauban, a London-based Startup that provides comprehensive solutions to venture capital and “angel” investors with the aim of accelerating the online establishment of funds and SPVs, has raised an additional 4.7 million pounds in a new round of funding.

Given the record amount of 41.8 billion euros raised by European companies in the first half of 2021, Vauban wants to significantly simplify the process between the trading parties, businesses and investors. According to it, at least one VC per day is added to Vauban’s clientele, while since its establishment more than 1 billion euros has been provided as financing. Clients include, among others, Anthemis, Passion Capital and Octopus Venture.

“During the financing of a company, VCs are required to run countless lengthy, complex and expensive procedures. This discourages many investors from setting up a fund of this type, and thus makes it difficult to finance many new businesses. With that in mind, we decided to digitally redesign the process from scratch to benefit all parties,” said Vauban founder and co-CEO Remy Astie.

Pentech and Outward led the funding, while 7percent Ventures and MJ Hudson and a group of business “angels” also participated.

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