SWISS: Transfers Swiss AviationSoftware to Lufthansa Technik

SWISS transferred its Swiss AviationSoftware subsidiary to Lufthansa Technik at the end
of 2022. The action has been taken for strategic reasons: integrating Swiss
AviationSoftware’s world-leading AMOS maintenance application into the Lufthansa
Technik digital ecosystem will generate synergies throughout the Lufthansa Group and enable the further expansion and development of this still-autonomous Swiss company.

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) has transferred the ownership of its Swiss
AviationSoftware (Swiss-AS) subsidiary to Lufthansa Technik for strategic reasons. The transfer was effected at the end of 2022. The integration of Swiss-AS into Lufthansa Technik creates a comprehensive software ecosystem which provides a unique digital backbone for the aircraft maintenance sector. Swiss-AS’s AMOS software solution complements the AVIATAR (data and
analytics solutions) and Flydocs (digital records and asset solutions) platforms which are already under the same organizational roof. Swiss-AS will remain an autonomous company under the new structural arrangement. The company also remains committed for the longer term to its
Swiss domicile, and plans to further enlarge its workforce.

“Transferring Swiss-AS to Lufthansa Technik will permit greater and more targeted investment and ensure that the company plays a substantial role in shaping the Lufthansa Group’s future digital ecosystem for the MRO sector,” says Markus Binkert, Chief Financial Officer at SWISS.

“This will benefit SWISS as a customer, too. And in taking this strategic decision, we are further enabling Swiss-AS to pursue its own consistent development and its further expansion within the digital field.”

“The integrability of our software is the key to successful digitalization throughout the value chain,” adds Swiss-AS CEO Fabiano Faccoli. “We’re convinced that by coordinating our software solutions with the further platforms within the Lufthansa Technik ecosystem, we can empower our
customers to digitalize even more swiftly by adopting and maintaining industrywide standards for their data exchange activities.”

Swiss AviationSoftware has been an autonomous SWISS subsidiary since 2004. With its AMOS application, the company is a world leader in providing MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul)
software solutions and serves more than 200 international customers, largely reputed airlines and MRO service providers. Swiss-AS employs over 270 personnel at its Allschwil headquarters near Basel (Switzerland) and its branch offices in Singapore, Tokyo and Miami.

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