Optima bank: Investments of more than 120 million euros in green technologies

Optima bank, having its eyes set on a viable, optimistic and financially robust future, supports businesses that have as a vision a “green” tomorrow.It has already exceeded 120 million euros of direct funding in Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects and energy saving in Greece, allocating in its portfolio more than 100 projects in different technologies, throughout Greece.

Specifically, in the RES sector, the already financed investments exceed 0.5GW in energy capacity and concern projects such as photovoltaic and wind farms, biogas plants and electricity production through natural gas.

In relation to energy savings, the bank is leading the way in the financing of partnerships, with the typical example being the project in one of the largest regions of the country, which foresees the replacement of the old lamp technology, with more than 20,000 new ones, LED technology and the parallel installation of a remote management system, with a total budget of 27 million euros.

“Investments in RES and energy saving technologies are a global challenge concerning the sustainability of the planet, but also of the economy. According to research, it is estimated that additional investments in clean energy of more than 4 trillion euros will be required worldwide. Aiming at the green transition and the country’s energy security, at Optima bank it is our strategic priority to support a cleaner, more environmentally friendly future. It is our obligation to invest today in a better tomorrow for society and business.”, stated the CEO of Optima bank, Dimitris Kyparissis. 

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