Training conference in cloud, big data and Al at the Pfizer hub

With the aim of creating the space and opportunities for all its staff to focus on growth and development, through the establishment and cultivation of an influential culture of education, Pfizer Center for Digital Innovation (CDI) organized CDI TECH DAYS 2021, its first hybrid Learning and Development (L&D) conference called “Future Unboxed”, on 3 and 4 November 2021.

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2025, 50% of employees will have to upgrade their skills while the demand for specialized data scientists, data analysts and specialists in artificial intelligence and machine learning, process automation and software and application developers – all sectors that are at the core of the CDI – is constantly growing. Recognizing these needs and trends, globally large technology companies invest significantly in Learning and Development programs.

CDI, firmly committed to the promotion of L&D, invests in empowering and upgrading all its executives to respond to rapid changes and adapt to new challenges, as the relationship between education and work is now more extensive and strong than ever.

“In order to equip our people with the right set of skills and make them feel supported through a well-designed education and development program,” as the means to achieve the vision of “delivering digital healthcare solutions that improve patients’ lives globally.”

“Pfizer invests in its executives as an investment in the future of Pfizer itself. We are building a sustainable culture of education to strategically diversify Pfizer and enable each colleague to reach their full potential to develop our competitive advantage and offer better services to patients,” said Nico Gariboldi, Head of the CDI, highlighting the commitment of Pfizer and CDI.

“Our aim at the Digital Innovation Center was not to organize another technology event but to seal our commitment to creating a culture of continuous growth, education and innovation. The inspiration of our people and their motivation through innovative educational experiences, is the key to the development of their skills.”, explained Ioulia Despoinoudi, Senior Manager, Head of Education and Development at the Digital Innovation Center.

As part of Pfizer’s global strategy, the CDI conference gave participants the opportunity to discover everything about the relationship between Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, as well as about Cloud and Infrastructure in the Agile Era, through the presentations of keynote speakers, Konstantinos Daskalakis, Professor at MIT, James Coplien, Lean/Agile Process, Architecture Coach, Thomas Balkiza, Leader in Healthcare and Life Sciences, AWS and Patrick Lamplé, Principal Specialist Solutions Architect in Healthcare and Life Sciences, AWS.

At the same time, Pfizer’s specialized executives focused with their placements on three main pillars for the company.First of all, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI).Secondly, Cloud Strategy and Cloud Security and finally, Agile Mindset and Culture – From Strategy to Practice.

Both days of the conference included exchanges of ideas, workshops, presentations and more, reinforcing the culture of education that fuels growth and innovation to change patients’ lives

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