Apply to PortXL Program

PortXL, a mentorship driven open innovation program that is based at the Port of Rotterdam and is focusing on port related industries, ranging from start-ups and spinouts to SMEs and multinationals is looking for tech startups that want to apply their technology in one of the sectors of Transport & Logistics, Energy, Chemical & Refinery and Maritime.

The startups that are interested can apply until 15th of February 2016. PortXL is an international innovation accelerator programme lasting a hundred days, within which ten selected start-ups will be coached intensively by mentors to get their start-up off the ground. PortXL’s program experienced team works with a proven formula, based on over seven years of experience of the highly acclaimed global accelerator network. An intensive 100-day mentorship-driven program accelerates ten exclusively selected start-ups. At the same time it offers an ecosystem of founders, investors and corporate partners that supports and accelerates the entrepreneurial journey. It must be noted that the Port of Rotterdam is by far Europe’s largest port and the smartest port worldwide!





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