Cord: Raises 17,5 million dollars, adds devices in its API for real-time collaboration

Cord, the London-based platform, with its software and APIs adds the best collaborative features to products ,all with a single line of Javascript, raised 17,5 million dollars.The funding round was led by Index Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in technology-enabled companies with a focus on e-commerce, fintech, mobility, gaming, infrastructure and security. NFX, a previous investor and angel investors Elad Gil, Jeff Morris Jr., Charlie Songhurst, Guy Podjarny, and Matt Robinson also participated in the round.

The company through the expertise of its team members, who have worked in tech companies like Google, Facebook and Adobe, tries to convey this know-how to the platform and facilitate collaboration at work making it more efficient and functional in the post-pandemic world where everyone has experienced teleworking.Thus, it helps companies save development time by making it simple for them to add a social dimension.

Cord has developed an API that helps a range of collaborative features be added to the customers’ products, removing the difficulty of developing social add-ons like real-time chat, presence, annotations, integrations with task managers and Slack, screen recordings, audio messages, live co-browsing and video chat. 

According to Cord’s CEO Nimrod Priell, Figma, a collaborative interface design tool, reached 4 million users in 4 years and decimated Adobe, Invision and Sketch to become the dominant prototyping design app.If Figma, is the ‘Google Docs of design,’ we empower every product to become the Google Docs of their respective industries.


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