INTERAMERICAN: Acquired 100% of

INTERAMERICAN, a member company of the Dutch insurance group ACHMEA and the online insurance intermediary moneymarket, known under the trade name, further deepen their long-term strategic cooperation with the acquisition of the entire share capital of moneymarket from INTERAMERICAN.
The two companies are leaders in their field in terms of innovation, know-how and orientation in digital infrastructure and have connected their names with the direct and online insurance in Greece. The common goal of this cooperation, which begun in 2013, is to optimize the consumer’s shopping experience through direct comparative capability, as well as to further develop the digital distribution of insurance services in Greece.
Interamerican, with this investment, underlines its long-standing commitment to the development of innovative services and the digital transformation of the insurance industry and gives a vote of confidence to the digital distribution channels, which have dominated in the most developed markets in Europe.With this cooperation aims to further develop its digital infrastructure in order to be able to offer new innovative services, for the benefit of the consumer as well as for the cooperating insurance companies and intermediaries.
It is noted that moneymarket will remain a completely autonomous and independent company, which will continue to provide objective and transparent services to consumers and to all insurance companies cooperating with it. To ensure this independence, the three founders (Sotiris Papantonopoulos-Mantopoulos, Manolis Marsellos, Fotis Zantzas) of moneymarket, will continue to have the majority in the Board of Directors with absolute autonomy in taking all commercial decisions and in the management of the company. In addition, the autonomy of moneymarket SA will be ensured by a Supervisory Committee.
“We are thrilled that our 10-year partnership with becomes deeper today. We have full confidence in the management team of and its people. We are committed that our primary goal will remain consumer’s benefit and we ensure that this team will continue to operate with absolute independence, autonomy and objectivity towards all customers, affiliated insurance companies and partners.”, said  Edmond Hilhorst, founder of Independer, the Netherlands’ largest services comparison platform and member of the Board of Directors of INTERAMERICAN. began with the aim of giving the greek consumer a better way of insurance and helping him find what suits him through comparison. People embraced the convenience and transparency of our service as well as the cooperating insurance companies, with which we grew digitally and created a new, fast-growing distribution channel. We will continue to do what we have been doing so far and we love so much: to build digital tools and services for the consumer, insurance companies and insurance intermediaries that make their lives easy and productive.”, stressed Sotiris Papantonopoulos-Mantopoulos, CEO and founder of
The cooperating parties is the largest website for comparing and buying insurance services in Greece and helps millions of users annually to compare insurance plans and choose the one that suits their needs. True to its principle as an ally of the consumer in reducing costs, it negotiates with the best terms and the lowest premiums, so that it can always offer a guarantee of the lowest price to all insurance products.
INTERAMERICAN belongs to the Dutch insurance group ACHMEA, a leading insurance institution in the Netherlands. It has a historically leading presence in the greek insurance market with more than one million customers, is distinguished for its pioneering leadership and is active in all insurance sectors, with a special focus on General Insurance and Health. The company has absolute recognition in Greece and is included among “The Most Sustainable Companies”, constituting a model of sustainable entrepreneurship. 

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