Collaboration between Lidl Hellas and We4all aiming at tree planting

As part of the interactive campaign #kaliterosimera, a tweet tantamounts to planting a new tree in the Greek forests

In the context of environmental responsibility on the way to a better tomorrow, Lidl Hellas launches a collaboration with the Non-Profit Environmental Organization We4all and presents the pioneering environmental campaign #kaliterosimera aiming at the restoration and environmental development of fire-stricken and surrounding areas.

By creating a strong human chain of love for the environment, Lidl Hellas invites Twitter users to unite for a common purpose. Specifically, for every tweet or retweet with the hashtag #kaliterosimera and mention @Lidl_Hellas_, the company is committed to planting a new tree in Greek forests in collaboration with the Non-Profit Environmental Organization, We4All. This way, the company wishes to contribute to the rehabilitation of the fire-stricken and surrounding areas of Greece.

Through this simple, but influential action, Lidl Hellas opens a dialog box on the environment, encouraging Twitter users to contribute in practice to a #kaliterosimera. Public participation is a prerequisite for the planting of many new trees that will offer oxygen to the environment. The tree plantings are to be implemented gradually by June 2022 by the Non-Profit Environmental Organization We4All.

The campaign #kaliterosimera is part of a broad framework of Lidl Hellas’ actions for the environment, which aim to build a better tomorrow for all of us and future generations. This action comes on top of the reforestation and restoration actions of the natural environment amounting to 500,000 euros announced by Lidl Hellas last August.

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