Elikonos 2: New investment of 4 million euros in “Mega Yeeros”

Elikonos 2 S.C.A SICAR announced a 4 million euros investment and the acquisition of minority shareholding in Traditional Greek Mega Yeeros, the biggest producer of yeeros in Greece.

As it is mentioned in a relevant announcement, Mega Yeeros has its establishments in Aspropirgos, Greece and in New Jersey, USA and employs 225 people.It produces 80 product codes with recent innovation products without meat (meatless), having as target the vegan market as well.Megas Yeeros’products are available in Europe, North America, Central America and Middle East.It distributes its products to restaurants and supermarkets.

Increase of funds under management                                          

With the announcement of the new investment, the fund also publicized the increase of  funds under management to 85 million euros.

Elikonos 2 S.C.A SICAR is a private equity firm pursuing investment opportunities in growth and medium-sized companies.

The fund, raises its capitals from EquiFund, an equity financing platform of the Greek State and the European Investment Fund (EIF), from the Hellenic Development Bank (HDB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBDR), the European Investment Bank (EIB)  and other investors.

Elikonos 2 S.C.A. SICAR is administered by, Elikonos Capital Partners S.a.r.l, which operates in the sector of venture capital funds since 2021 with total funds under management over 100 million euros.


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