Bespot:1 million dollar funding with as leading investor

The greek Bespot, which operates on the field of Location Intelligence, raised 1 million euros funding.

The company was founded in 2018 by Leontas Gavalas, Konstantinos Dimitros and Anastasia Griva.The company offers white label consumer rewarding applications for smartphones, using Machine Learning for tracking the exact position of users in indoor and outdoor locations.

Bespot’s solution, which includes “Shopmind Insights”, helps companies unlock valuable information about their customers.Through “Shopmind Insights”, companies have access to live heatmaps, consumers’ preferences and other data concerning physical stores and brands.

The new funding will accelerate the development of the company and support its plan to expand its operations in Ireland, Italy, Morocco and the USA.

“In the last two years we have developed significant expertise and have created world class technological solutions that utilize location data and help retail digital transformation.The shopping experience will be enhanced by providing personalized digital services, Augmented reality experiences and location information about 10,000 stores.”, said Leon Gavalas.

“Bespot has managed to develop solutions that meet the emerging needs of the retail industry and has achieved agreements with leading companies.We are looking forward to seeing Bespot leading the market.”, stated Konstantinos Lafkas, partner of

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