Ikea launches phone charging stations intergrated into furniture

Ikea introduced a new line of phone-charging furniture. Using Qi wireless technology, these wireless, phone charging stations will be integrated into pieces such as nightstands, tables, desks and lamps.

The furniture will be available in North American and Europe beginning in April with an international roll-out planned for later this year. In addition, Ikea will sell kits so that consumers can integrate a phone charging station into existing IKEA furniture. Anyway, consumers will not have to assemble the phone charging stations themselves.

The charging stations can charge several devices at once, Ikea said. Choosing a nightstand with a phone charging station versus one without will cost consumers about $33 extra, in keeping with Ikea’s promise to produce affordable furniture.

The technology will not be compatible with iPhone users, according to Wireless Power Consortium, which developed Qi wireless technology. Qi wireless charging technology is compatible with about 80 different types of smartphone, including Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, Google Nexus and Sharp Aquos phones.

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