500 Startups announces $30M Canada fund

500 Startups is launching a $30M regional fund for Canadian based startups that will be headquartered in Ontario.

With the creation of 500 Canada, startups across the country will be able to leverage the 500 Startups brand and extensive network of mentors, founders, and partners that come from over 1,500 portfolio companies around the world. 500 Startups has already made 37 Canadian investments out of its Silicon Valley main funds including Breather, Lagoa, Unbounce, Cleanify and more. 500 Canada plans to make over 150 investments into early-stage startups in the region over the next few years.

500 Canada will focus investments on capital-efficient businesses that can achieve profitability with less than $1M in total investment. The fund will be truly national in scope, with partners or associates in each major innovation centre, including Vancouver, Waterloo, Toronto, Montreal, and Fredericton.

500 Startups role

500 will bring Silicon Valley’s best practices to the region through a massive network, resources and growth marketing programs. The main focus will be helping companies internationalize faster and get access to venture capital and mentorship from Silicon Valley.

In June, 500 starups will be starting a growth marketing program dubbed “500 Distro Dojo”, which is a 3-month growth intensive program for Pre-Series A companies. This will be followed by additional events and programs for founder and investor education.

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