Tourboks to Pitch at Wolves Summit, an innovated online platform with tours, multi-day excursions and activities has been selected to pitch against 300 startups worldwide to win $25.000 in cash and $75.000 in investment at the Wolves Summit.
Wolves Summit is a conference directed at startups, investors, and entrepreneurs from around the world, taking place on 11–13 April 2016 in Warsaw, Poland. Participants include over 450 corporate managers, 400 startups and 250 investors.
“We’re honored to be selected to participate in this event, since this validates our efforts during the past months,” said Chryssa Oikonomidou, General Manager of Tourboks. “We know opportunities will always be side with challenges and it will be difficult to compete with other excellent startups, but we’re confident with what we have achieved” she added.
Tourboks has recently launched a series of new features, including expanding its product range from Europe to tours & activities worldwide and launching its Affiliate Program.

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