Markos Veremis: The biggest companies in the world today are tech companies

The Greek technology ecosystem has made very significant steps forward in recent years, but it lags significantly behind other countries and further strategies are needed in order to develop in the future, stressed the participants in the panel “Tech Ventures: local funding opportunities and actors”, at the Emerging Tech Forum, organized by HETiA in collaboration with Tsomokos.

Markos Veremis, Partner, Big Pi Ventures, said that now the biggest companies in the world are tech companies.

Greece has taken some rapid steps in the field of technology companies, but we started from the level of “non-existence”, he said. He also added that it is very important that tech hubs are created that strengthen the existing ecosystem.Mr. Veremis noted that there must be a stable and timeless political strategy in order for the country to cope with the challenges that follow concerning climate change.Concluding, he stressed that the bill on spin-offs provides incentives for investments and is in the right direction.

Thalia Misailidou, Principal, Marathon Venture Capital, noted that climate change is now at the forefront, placing agro-technology companies at the forefront as well.She stressed that agricultural production is changing and it is very important to have the right education and guidance to lead farmers to the new era.Referring to the Greek technology ecosystem, Mrs. Misailidou said that very important steps have been made but much more need to be done in order to fill the gaps that exist.She also said that “forms of financing and financial tools should be further developed in order to support companies, especially in their early stages of operation.

Kostas Lafkas, Partner, UniFund stressed that it is necessary to nurture society and the educational community with business logic and that business risk is necessary in order to achieve economic growth. According to Mr. Lafkas, more education is needed so that people acquire the digital skills needed to survive in modern times.He added that the Greek ecosystem has made very important steps and there will be further development in the coming years.

Lazaros Kapsias, Chief Executive Officer, Loctio P.C. noted that the strategy in the engineering sector in relation to the right funding will be able to address the challenges arising from the effects of climate change.As Mr. Kapsias mentioned, the big problem, that is improving, is that through training there is qualified personnel that can cope with the new skills required in the modern digital era.

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