Yoor’s goal to transform from an ambitious idea to a successful app!

Yoor is a quite innovative concept for the development of a personalised social app for recreational boating that addresses the lack of real-time information on congestion at mooring locations. The application, which is created from Filippos Peveretos, a Greek entrepreneur, provides comprehensive real-time data to maritime tourists and expands on the shared experiences of the surrounding community.

Based on maps, navigation guides, GNSS signals, and weather reports, it helps users find appropriate places to anchor, promotes safety and recreation tips based on user recommendations, and provides information on weather conditions. Today, its estimated that the members of the international community of recreational boating are something more than 2,5 million people and at the same time is consisted from around 10 million yachts! Among Yoor’s top priorities is in the following months to held a funding seed round in England.

Mr. Peveretos will be the official Greek participation at MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, among 50 startups from around the world. MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is an “open” program that its main goal is to introduce entrepreneurs with the international business environment and ecosystem that has close-ties with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The startupers that will participate at this program, will have the ability to set-up a company in something less than a week and afterwards to pitch it at a group of investors. Mr. Peveretos noted the great chance towards businesses and companies to “participate” via the sponsorship of Yoor, since they will be exposed to a very high quality and wide audience.

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