Cybersecurity Risks and Solutions by Check Point Software

Company executives presented the challenges and growing trends in the field of cybersecurity, as well as the solutions that companies can implement in order to protect themselves from cyberattacks

Check Point Software Technologies demonstrated the importance of adopting security solutions in response to the new post-COVID era and increasing network dependency.

In the context of the “Check Point Cyber Leaders’ Summit” in Greece, a special annual event of the cybersecurity industry with the participation of more than 165 delegates, the company providing cybersecurity software solutions, under the slogan You Deserve the Best Security, spoke about the challenges and risks of technology.

Digitization offers huge opportunities and provides solutions to many challenges. Despite this, it also exposes the economy, society, and organizations to cyber threats. As the level of complexity of Generation 5 (Gen V) threats continue to grow: supply chain attacks, ransomware threats that can shut down an entire hospital or a country’s infrastructure continue to grow, bringing even more challenges to organizations.

At the regional level, the Check Point Software Threat Intelligence Report shows that an organization in Greece has been attacked by ransomware threats on average 2.8% times in the last six months, compared to 2.6% attacks per organization worldwide, while 99% of malicious files in Greece were distributed via email in the last 30 days.

The organizations that faced the most attacks were: Manufacturing, Finance/Banking, Retail/Wholesale, and Transportation.

Jonathan Fischbein, Chief Information Security Officer, Check Point Software Technologies, presented the role of CISOs in organizations and the need to prevent cyber threats.

He specifically said: “Being a CISO or dealing with cybersecurity on the management side is not a 9-5 job. It is almost 24 hours a day and must protect systems from cyber threats. There may be discoveries at 11 p.m. or 4 a.m., which pushes you and your teams to always keep up and stay up to date in the face of threats.Sometimes there will be things that are very difficult for you to understand, which is why you need allies within your organization. Check Point’s threat intelligence team – of course, the people investigating new threats and campaigns – will help you.

Jonathan Fischbein, Chief Information Security Officer, Check Point Software Technologies

Konstantina Koukou, Channel Manager Check Point Software Technologies, presented the holistic portfolio of Check Point, in contrast to the challenges faced by organizations as well as the innovations carried out by the company, in order to provide the best possible security to every organization.

Konstantina Koukou, Channel Manager Check Point Software

It is worth mentioning the presentation of Tomas Vorbura, Lead Security Engineer, Check Point Software Technologies, on the trend of Hacktivism, where he stated: “As we enter the era of the information society, many social structures are undergoing profound changes and new security threats that range from individuals to states emerging.Particular attention is paid to cyberspace, which is rapidly becoming the main platform for international and intra-state communication, crimes and acts of war, and political activism. The hacktivism movement occupies a unique place in the complex system of cyber interactions, although it often uses the same tools and tactics that hackers and cyber terrorists use.”

The “Check Point Cyber Leaders’ Summit” was attended by customers and partners who talked both about the solutions implemented by Check Point in terms of protecting organizations from attacks and about the cooperation they have developed with the Greek team of Check Point.

“An organization in Greece has been attacked on average 806 times a week in the last 6 months, it’s time to take action to stay protected in cyberspace,” Michalis Bozos, National Sales Manager of Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd. said in closing the event and continued: “You can no longer afford to settle for the second best solutions, you deserve the best security.”

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