CHITOS – DANONE WATERS partnership for Evian distribution

CHITOS S.A., the modern Greek company that holds a leading position in the bottled water sector in Greece, announces its cooperation with the French DANONE WATERS, one of the largest bottled water companies in the world.

This is a strategic partnership concerning the domestic market, with DANONE WATERS trusting CHITOS SA with the exclusive distribution, merchandising and marketing of the leading products Evian and Ferrarelle, as of January 1, 2022. The Eno Enian is the World’s No.1 premium brand of bottled natural mineral water from the French Alps, while the Ferrarelle is the No.1 brand of naturally sparkling mineral water in the Italian market.

The addition of Evian and Ferrarelle, water-partners of the official Michelin Guide, to the product portfolio of CHITOS SA, strengthens its position in the domestic premium HORECA market. For the first time, Evian carbonated water, in a 750ml glass bottle, and Ferrarelle 750ml naturally sparkling water are launched in the Greek market. The product range also includes the Evian fast-moving codes, in PET and rPET bottles for the hot market (supermarkets, etc.).

The agreement between DANONE WATERS and CHITOS S.A. proves the scope of the Greek company’s credibility and the relationships of trust it has built during its long-term course in the Greek and international market.

CHITOS S.A. continues to invest and grow with emphasis on quality, innovation and environmental responsibility. It constantly enriches its portfolio by offering consumers high quality products, while expanding its presence in the domestic and international market, through strategic partnerships, contributing steadily and essentially to the Greek economy. 

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