COSMOTE Fleet Tracker: An IoT management for BSK’s corporate vehicles

COSMOTE operates the connected vehicles service in cooperation with the international provider Fleet Complete to monitor and control the driving behavior, condition and routes of BSK vehicles

The COSMOTE Fleet Tracker service, the integrated company fleet management solution based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology, was chosen by BSK, one of the largest companies of distribution, delivery, courier and transport services, with a clear orientation to new technologies, for the monitoring of 360 of its vehicles.

With the installation of telematics devices in its corporate fleet, BSK is informed at any time via web or mobile app about the exact location of its vehicles, the speed at which they move, the direction and the route they have followed. By enabling it to interface with a Power BI business intelligence system it already uses, BSK analyzes data in real time and makes secure business decisions.

In addition, the company has available a complete history of routes, as well as aggregated data and detailed reports on the condition of the vehicles and the driving behavior of its drivers. With the COSMOTE Fleet Tracker service, BSK improves its efficiency and productivity and reduces the overall operating and transport costs, while enhancing the safety of drivers and their vehicles.

The COSMOTE Fleet Tracker service

The COSMOTE Fleet Tracker service is addressed to small and large enterprises of all professional sectors, which have vehicles of all types. COSMOTE offers the service in cooperation with the international provider Fleet Complete, which specializes in connected vehicles.

With the installation of telematics devices in the corporate fleet, the COSMOTE Fleet Tracker service enables businesses to remotely monitor, in real time, the location of corporate vehicles, their movement, travel time, as well as fuel consumption levels.

In addition, the COSMOTE Fleet Tracker platform records driving behaviour (speed, braking and acceleration habits). Depending on the economical program selected, the service provides data on the condition of the vehicles, such as the operation of the engine and the mechanical parts or even the battery voltage. It also automatically sends alerts in case of an accident or emergency.

COSMOTE Fleet Tracker is one of the innovative technology solutions offered by OTE Group, in line with its sustainable development strategy. It helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint with up to 10% fuel savings, and adopt a more environmentally friendly way of driving, helping to reduce gas emissions in cities.

Cosmote Fleet Tracker is provided through three plans, Basic, Standard and Advanced to meet the needs of each business, and with free roaming within and outside the EU. COSMOTE, in cooperation with Fleet Complete, has a special team of sales consultants, who can offer specialized solutions for the integration of the service into the information systems of each business.

More information about the service, here

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