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Smartpass: a spin-off from Warply aiming at smart cities

A startup in Smart Cities sector is launched by Warply as a spin-off. Smartpass is specialized in IoT services in Municipalities worldwide and it was created with a vision of making our everyday life in big cities, simpler by creating and promoting innovative services. Using a simple Smartphone app, all municipalities can offer their citizens […]

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Sony is entering the IoT by acquiring Altair Semiconductor

Sony announced that will proceed in the acquisition of Altair Semiconductor for $ 212m and thus will develop its own Internet of Things (IoT) department. Altair Semiconductor is an Israel based company, founded in 2005 by three former Texas Instruments executives and manufactures integrated circuits which connect devices to LTE networks. In addition to smartphones, […]

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Autodesk Inc. created $100M fund for IoT startups!

Autodesk Inc. launched a $100 million venture fund as part of a new effort called Forge which aims to back Internet of the Things (IoT) startups developing products on a new Forge software platform that is opening to developers. It is noted that last October, Autodesk launched a similar $100 million fund called the Spark Investment Fund […]

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