Digital onboarding and virtual card by Edenred

Edenred held an event in Athens, after almost two years due to the pandemic, on the occasion of the launch of the ticket restaurant ZERO card. Greece is among the 6 countries out of the 46 where the French group operates, where the new card is launched with the full digital onboarding of users. It has been preceded by the launch in Spain, Italy, Finland, France and Poland.

The new fully digital solution complements Edenred’s existing product proposals and is part of a comprehensive and long-term digital strategy that comes to modernize the experience of its customers. The technology applied by Edenred in Greece, ensures easy issuing (in less than 24 hours) and the possibility of immediate activation in less than a minute, which helps companies to develop the services they offer to employees.At the same time, it offers absolute security and health protection (covid-free) through a completely intact experience.

“For us at Edenred Greece, evolution, progress and positive change have always been at the heart of its operation. Thus, the new Ticket Restaurant ZERO is a big, decisive and innovative step in this direction. A step that is fully in line with our philosophy to support the development of our customers.Always looking away and listening to the needs of the times, we present in Greece a completely digital experience that creates value for our partners, with 0% paper and 0% plastic. We continue to invest in the continuous development of our services, but also in the user experience, with innovation and sustainability at the core of our strategy. This is the way to proudly declare our daily partner for the business world,” said Edenred CEO Ioannis Kolovos.

Edenred has initiated the transition of all of its portfolio services to cards made of 100% recycled plastic, accelerating the path to sustainable growth and reducing the environmental footprint. This is the first company in Greece to make such a move for all its services.At the same time, it substantially helps its customers to meet their environmental commitments and achieve their strategic sustainability goals, through modern and environmentally friendly tools. The company even moved the production of physical cards to our country since it recently announced its cooperation with Inform Lycos.

Through a complete portfolio of B2B2C services that has been built around 3 business axes (Employee Benefits, Fleet and Mobility, Incentives and Rewards), Edenred currently collaborates with over 6,000 companies in the greek market, serving more than 300,000 employees daily, through the largest partners network in the industry. About 55,000 users use cards through a digital wallet to date, while the pandemic has significantly increased contactless payments (from 8% in 2019 to 22% in 2020).

Edenred was one of the first companies in our country to bring Apple Pay for cards in 2019, followed by Google Pay while the company also offers its own Edenred Pay digital payment wallet, a very good solution for Huawei devices for example. Of course, the new digital card Ticket Restaurant ZERO enters directly, through the Edenred app, to every available wallet with the user being able to use it for contactless payments via Smartphone within a few minutes. 

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