Future Greek Rail Hackathon: Huge participation with unique ideas and ready-made products

The Future Greek Rail Hackathon innovation marathon was held last weekend at Innovathens in Gazi by Crowdpolicy with the aim of creating original applications that promote the digital transformation of OSE through new and innovative ideas and applications with social impact.

More than 45 teams and 170 contestants declared their interest in participating in the marathon, while on Sunday, October 24, presentations of 21 teams with corresponding applications were held via teleconference of about 3 hours, as well as in person, with corresponding applications implemented at the Future Greek Rail Hackathon.

The evaluation committee selected 6 teams, which won cash prizes of a total value of 20,000 euros.

The 1st place, the prize money of 7,000 euros, was won by the IoTech team, which proposed a LoRaWAN wireless sensor network to monitor the infrastructure combined with an integrated maintenance process management application.

The 2nd place, the cash prize of 5,000 euros, was won by the Getway team, which proposed, the webOSE application which is a B2B Digital Marketplace that digitizes the management of the transport project. Through the platform, railway companies will be able to apply for and purchase services from OSE through an easy and friendly environment.

The 3rd place, the cash prize of 3500 euros, was won by the Dataminds team, which proposed TravelBuddy, a Backoffice system that allows sending messages to TrainOSE customers, at all stages of their journey, which can be integrated into the already existing infrastructure of the organization (CRM system) and send messages to more than 3 communication channels (SMS, Email, Viber, Messenger, etc).

The 4th place, the cash prize of 2,500 euros, was won by the Nable Solutions team which proposed, a digital service that helps people with reduced mobility or disabilities when travelling, while helping organizations evaluate and improve their access to their facilities and services.

The 5th place, the prize money of 1,000 euros, for each team, was won by the teams, Analog Programmers and Prousogroup.

Analogprogrammers, suggested the installation of sensors for predictive maintenance on the trains in order to avoid unexpected failures.

Prousogroup proceeded to the implementation of a platform that aims to promote the greek countryside, enhance tourism and learn as you play, with the help of augmented reality.

The rest of the Hackathon’s entries

THERMOSKIN: Smart material for the automatic disinfection of surfaces on trains.

Roob: Passenger experience upgrade using telematics technologies.

STS: In our application the passenger will be able to find his train with AR technology as well as his seat.

En Route: An app with interactive map of the train route and audio guides about POIs brought to passengers’ devices by geofencing.

Christos Liampas: Smart Sensing Train.

Realtwin: We provide the technology to create custom, educational, immersive experiences for passengers.

ATLAS: Autonomous Green Electrification.

ExoMobility: Automated wheelchairs to facilitate the transportation of passengers with special needs within stations and on its platforms.

Rocin Rails: Use of a virtual wagon as a way of expression and creativity of passengers during the trip.

Green Rail: Collecting real data to assess and improve the environmental footprint of railways.

NOUS TECHNOLOGY: Rail Road, Real Time Surveillance System.

RailData: Development of an application for identification and early intervention in the railway network.

Konstantinos Pettas: Use of BPMN standards for: Digital workflows, and back office processes.

Coz.project: Data collection and exploitation in the context of green management and environmental protection.

CEID Clique: Avoiding obstacles on trains using a drone.

The evaluation committee:

Spyros Pateras, President and CEO of OSE.

Konstantinos N. Dalivingas, Director of Informatics of OSE.

Nikos Kondylas, Head of the Department of Electromobility Maintenance of Central Greece, OSE.

Eva Giannakidou, Head of Interoperability Department, OSE.

Konstantinos Vaitsas, Head of Digital Innovation, Alpha Bank.

Yiannis Giannarakis, Digital Innovation Coordinator, GRNET

Christos Kalloniatis, Associate Professor, University of the Aegean.

Giorgos Karamanolis, Co – Founder, CTO/CIO Crowdpolicy.

Dimitris Panopoulos, Labour Market Data Analyst, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs DG CONNECT National Expert REBRAIN GREECE Technical Coordinator.

Yannis Charalambides, Professor of Digital Governance Head, Digital Governance Research Center Director, Aegean University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit

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