6 teams from Greece go to the final at the World Robot Olympiad

The 6 teams that will represent Greece in the final of the World Robot Olympiad WROTM 2021 from today until November 21, on the subject of Powerbots – the future of energy, enter the final straight, with hopes for significant distinctions.The greek mission was highlighted by the national competition organized by WRO Hellas, the non-profit Organization of Educational Robotics, Science and Technology with COSMOTE as a strategic partner. The 2021 Digital Robotics World Olympiad brings together more than 200 teams from 65 countries and is live on YouTube.

Students propose solutions to climate change using technology as a vehicle

The robotic works of the greek teams (ROBOTONIO, ROBOKS, Pythagoras, Minders, Airgenics, Autonomous) for the World Robotics Olympiad utilize technology and innovation.They propose solutions to tackle climate change through the use of renewable energy sources. The greek teams will present an automated greenhouse or automatic lighting from renewable energy sources, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat for the lighting and operation of an area.

The World Robotics Olympiad is one of the most important robotics competitions worldwide. Greece has been participating in the competition since 2009, having won 6 medals and 9 places in the top ten to date.

The greek teams competing in the World Robotics Olympiad, have gained experience, knowledge and have developed their skills in STEM and technology through their participation in the Panhellenic Educational Robotics Competitions, which are organized by WRO Hellas with COSMOTE as a strategic partner.

COSMOTE and WRO Hellas for the development of the digital skills of young people

COSMOTE has been active since 2015 to develop the digital skills of young people through educational robotics and STEM, as a strategic partner of WRO Hellas. With these actions, young people learn to exploit all the possibilities of technology, to work as a team, to solve problems, but also to propose innovative solutions to address various contemporary issues.

To date, the following have been carried out:

-7 Panhellenic Educational Robotics Competitions with 25,000 total student participations.

-Annual informative seminars with 7,000 total teacher participations.

-4,000 downloads of specialized robotics training materials

-600 free robotics training kits in schools.

-2 films on educational robotics, Robogirl and The Real Robokids, which have exceeded a total of 7 million views on YouTube. The films, created by COSMOTE, made educational robotics in Greece better known.

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