The hottest Startup trends for 2023

2023 holds big surprises for the Startup ecosystem worldwide, with artificial intelligence emerging as a major player of developments

The news that Microsoft is preparing to invest 10 billion dollars in Open Al immediately went around the world. The amount may indeed be “astronomical”, but few can say that they were impressed by this. In November, Open Al, “behind” which are Sam Altman and Elon Musk, managed to “shake” the waters of Silicon Valley, introducing the robotic artificial intelligence service ChatGPT. It is an application that has the ability to imitate human speech and answer various questions in the same way that a human would do it.The capabilities of the new platform are incredible, as it can write texts, academic assignments, social media posts, and even jokes in just a few seconds! From the very first week of its launch ChatGPT caused a small “revolution” on the Internet, as it managed to attract over 1 million users.To understand the magnitude of the success, suffice it to say that Netflix took 3.5 years to achieve something similar, Facebook 10 months, Spotify 5 months, Instagram 2.5 months. At this point it must be said that Open Al started as a Startup in 2015 and its valuation is expected to reach 29 billion dollars in 2023. As we understand, therefore, 2022 may have been a difficult year for startups with funding falling sharply due to the difficult macroeconomic environment, but for the new year the bar is already very high. Will we see another success story like Open Al’s or an innovation that will manage to shake up its field in 2023? So let’s see what’s next for startups in the new year and the trends that will dominate.

Chatbots conquer the world

Chatbots have been described by analysts as the applications of the future, while there are many who believe that they will replace search bars.

Tech giants around the world have already integrated them into customer service, such as Microsoft with Microsoft Cortana and Google with Google Assistant. In fact, chatbots are software that performs specific functions, imitating as best as possible the human written and spoken word. We could say that it is a software that answers our questions automatically. Judging by the success of ChatGPT so far, chatbots will be the hottest trend of 2023.

Is this the end for code?

It can’t be denied that code is a powerful tool that can be used for so many things, from building websites to building entire businesses. On the other hand, however, it is still a strong obstacle for anyone who wants to open their own business without being particularly familiar with technology. Fortunately, no-code software has evolved into a big trend and now anyone can develop a product without having to type even half a line of code.

Without a doubt, no-code software changed the rules of the game for the Startup ecosystem in 2022 and this momentum is expected to continue next year.

Agile development and automation

Startups are famous for adopting innovative practices as well as for their creativity. In 2023, therefore, this creativity is expected to extend to the field of software development, where many Startups are going to adopt agile development practices. As such, we define the methodology that focuses on the short software release lifecycle, but also on the close cooperation between a company’s shareholders and developers. This is an extremely successful approach that many startups already follow, as it allows them to rapidly develop their products. At the same time, the development of automation tools has greatly facilitated the implementation of such flexible methods.

Hybrid forms of work

Most businesses and startups in 2022 chose teleworking or some form of hybrid work. Teleworking has enabled businesses to hire employees from all over the world, creating the phenomenon of digital nomads. It has also allowed businesses to reduce their costs while gaining more flexibility. However, the exclusive implementation of teleworking also has its downside, as it does not allow companies to develop ties with their employees in order to create a strong corporate culture. For these reasons, in 2023 most companies are expected to switch to hybrid forms of work, which will allow them to reap the benefits of teleworking while creating a strong relationship with their employees.

Startup studios

Startup studios have been an extremely popular choice for entrepreneurs in recent years. Startup studio is a company that helps potential founders develop and launch their own Startups. This kind of studios offer an all-inclusive / complete support and guidance throughout the course of a Startup. This model was extremely popular in 2022, as it is estimated that 4% of new Startups worldwide were developed in collaboration with a Startup studio, with this dynamic continuing in 2023.

Most Popular Types of Startups

Med tech and Fitness

While everything indicated that the pandemic was coming to an end, the new and highly contagious sub-variants of the coronavirus that have appeared threaten to take us back to a period of fear and restrictions. In practice, this means that, as in the early days of the pandemic, many people will prefer to avoid visiting a hospital for a problem because of the risk of getting sick. The solution to their problem is offered by Med tech, which offers medical services at the touch of a button. For these reasons, the popularity of medical apps and websites is expected to take off in 2023.

At the same time, more and more people are choosing fitness apps, as they prefer to exercise from the comfort of their own home, a trend that is expected to continue this year.

Artificial intelligence

In recent years we have seen a rapid increase in the creation of Startups offering artificial intelligence solutions. Their services are applied in many areas such as Business Administration, Cybersecurity and Image Processing. The large reduction in the cost of artificial intelligence technologies has made them more accessible to many startups. Also, the availability of data has allowed many businesses to adjust the algorithm they use accordingly. Therefore, this year we are expected to see even more AI Startups.



In recent years, sustainability has become increasingly popular with both businesses and citizens. People are increasingly interested in finding ways to reduce their environmental footprint to protect the planet. As a result, Greentech, which provides innovative solutions that help us adopt a greener lifestyle, is gaining more and more ground.


According to recent data, 7.1% of startups worldwide are active in the Fintech sector. This is due to a combination of factors: among others, the increase in the popularity of digital banking transactions and technologies such as blockchain. However, one thing is for sure, Fintech startups have revolutionized the financial sector, making access to money easier than ever and creating new opportunities for businesses. So, as we understand, the future for Fintech looks bright.


Unfortunately, cybercriminals are constantly finding increasingly insidious and imaginative ways to carry out attacks. There are many people who have seen the toils of a lifetime lost in an instant because they have fallen victim to fraud, while many businesses have suffered losses of millions. So cybersecurity is vital for the viability of a business and the corresponding solutions offered by startups are more important than ever

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