NatWest: Launches Climate Hub to help SMEs become green

In the context of the liquidity of 100 billion pounds, for climate and sustainable finance, NatWest provides tools, through an online climate hub, to help small and medium-sized businesses become green.

Through the NatWest Climate Hub, the selected SMEs – investing in clean buildings, energy, transport and agriculture – can be informed about how to apply for green loans and green financing. Its aim is to contribute to the fight against climate change, providing businesses with the support needed to unlock sustainable projects and ultimately reduce the environmental impact.

NatWest’s climate hub also brings together resources, products and services to address the gaps identified in NatWest’s “Springboard to Sustainability” report and educate SMEs on the economic benefits of the transition to zero emissions.

SMEs, using the Hub, can access information about NatWest’s green loans and assets and join the bank’s accelerators, which connect SMEs to regional centres to help them identify business opportunities, as well as learn about NatWest’s carbon monitoring pilot application, which is going to start in February 2022, with 500 SMEs in the manufacturing and transport sectors.

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