Green Premium from Warply measures your footprint on the environment

Warply launches Green Premium, an ESG service that calculates the green footprint of consumers and rewards them according to their footprint. The Green Premium Scoring Service provided through the Warply Engage AI platform can calculate a consumer’s carbon footprint using open banking, through an artificial intelligence system that categorizes its transactions into low, medium and high carbon footprint. The calculation takes into account over 150 data sources and sustainability databases, which give a specific score to each consumer choice.

Additionally, daily habits are taken into account in order to determine the footprint, such as the ways and frequency of travel or the consumer behavior in e-commerce. Consumers can be informed in real time about the impact of their purchases on the environment, but they can also change its choices in order to behave more environmentally friendly.

“Warply comes to offer the tools to support an environmentally responsible attitude to life internationally. The criteria of environmental social governance are constantly being tightened and soon we will be led to a two-way relationship between the cost of investments and the environmental footprint that will concern businesses and consumers. Warply, as a pioneering company, is the first to launch a service that not only captures but also rewards consumers for their green footprint. I am very proud as every time we launch projects that help society and citizens.”, said John Doxaras Warply CEO.

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