Telekom IT hub: The aim is to make Thessaloniki a technological hub

The Minister of Digital Governance was present at Deutsche Telekom's largest investment in Greece

The Minister of Digital Governance, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, visited the Telekom IT hub, the new IT and Software Center of the Deutsche Telekom Group in the center of Thessaloniki.

With the Telekom IT hub, which will bear the brand name “T-Digital“, Deutsche Telekom reaffirms its confidence in the country’s growth prospects, implementing a large investment that highlights Thessaloniki as a technological hub, and strengthens the country’s technological profile.

The Minister was given a tour of the company’s premises by Peter Leukert, Deutsche Telekom Group CIO and CEO of Telekom IT, and the President and CEO of OTE Group, Michael Tsamaz. The Deputy Minister of Special Digital Projects, Thodoris Livanios and the Deputy Minister of Interior (Macedonia – Thrace), Stavros Kalafatis, also participated in the visit. During the tour, Kyriakos Pierrakakis talked with the IT Experts who are already working in the field, while Leukert referred to the company’s vision and plan to develop into one of the most innovative IT centers in Europe.

“It is a great pleasure to be at the new research center of Deutsche Telekom, which has been installed in Thessaloniki.More than 250 people are already employed here, a number that is expected to double, as Deutsche Telekom informs us, within the next 2 years. That is, more than 500 people will be employed here in total. The center develops software for Germany and other countries of the world. I think it is crucial that Greece is entering a global technological map. It is extremely important that our country runs with steps, which in the past did not seem feasible and now seem absolutely self-evident.”, stated the Minister of Digital Governance, Kyriakos Pierrakakis.

The Telekom IT hub will employ a total of 500 executives and IT Experts. Already more than 250 employees have been transferred from abroad, while more than 200 additional IT professionals will be hired in Greece for its full staffing.

The contribution of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum was very important for the implementation of the investment, as it accelerated the procedures for the establishment of the company in Greece and facilitated the immediate transfer and relocation of IT Experts, securing the residence permit.At the same time, there was close cooperation with the competent Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate entry into the country and the competent Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and IDIKA for their registration in the health care and social security system.

“The opening of the center is an emblematic investment for Thessaloniki that will give life to the local economy. In addition to the residence permit, the beneficiaries were registered in the health care and social security system, gaining access to the right to work.The process began on June 6 and was completed at the beginning of July, proving that the Public Administration can move with transcendental logic and provide solutions to the needs of the private sector.”, said the Minister of Migration and Asylum, Notis Mitarachi

The center is temporarily based in OTE Group premises in Thessaloniki. In 2023, all employees will settle in a renovated, state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly OTE Group building in the center of Thessaloniki.

“IT is very important for Deutsche Telekom’s success as a leading digital provider. Telekom IT employs 10,000 software and new technologies specialists in various countries. We chose Greece for the establishment of the new Telekom IT hub because, as Deutsche Telekom, we believe in the development prospects of the country, and in the high level and training of its human resources.With the visit of Mr. Pierrakakis to our offices, the political leadership of the country confirms that it believes in Technology and its key role for development. I am really impressed by the speed with which the Greek State has responded, and grateful for the support of the government.”, noted Peter Leukert, Deutsche Telekom Group CIO and CEO of Telekom IT.

“The creation of T-Digital in Thessaloniki confirms once again the confidence of Deutsche Telekom, the main shareholder of the OTE Group, in the growth prospects of Greece. This investment makes Thessaloniki a center of technology, creating value, not only for the local community, but also for the country.”, commented the President and CEO of OTE Group, Michael Tsamaz.

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