Dermacare offers high quality medical advice

Docandu's new digital service for aesthetic, dermatological and venereological health problems

At a time when almost everything is being digitized, the Greek company Docandu, continues its own “revolution” in the particularly crucial health sector.

The digital health company has launched Dermacare, the new service that offers high-level medical advice remotely on dermatological, venereological and aesthetic health problems.

Dermacare is able to give the person concerned quick and valid dermatological advice from experienced Docandu dermatologists, from the comfort of their own home. It combines advanced technology and an experienced team of Docandu dermatologists to evaluate and advise each case.

Dr Georgios Nikolakis

It is worth noting that skin diseases affect a quarter of the world’s population, while 70% of these people do not consult a doctor.

“Remote dermatological assessment comes to meet at a global level a great need of citizens for timely, financial and reliable information, regarding aesthetic, dermatological and venereological problems that citizens often take care of late and with significant consequences for their health.”, commented Docandu’s scientific associate and responsible for Dermacare, Dr Georgios Nikolakis, who has been distinguished for his scientific work, with awards such as the research award from Almirall in 2017.

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