Tinyclues raised €5M in a Series A funding

Tinyclues, a SaaS startup that aims to reinvent predictive marketing, achieved to raise the amount of €5 million in a Series A funding, that was led by Alven Capital and had the participation of ISAI and Elaia Partners. Tinyclues platform allows marketers to easily identify the right audience from within their customer base in order to target them with the most relevant products or services from their offering. Tinyclues thus enables them to interact more often and more personally, and to increase their targeted marketing campaigns’ revenue by at least 30% without over-soliciting the customer base.

“The massive adoption of our solutions by the big e-commerce names in France emphasizes our technological leadership in the targeting and customer engagement fields. We pick up implicit signals (“tiny clues”) that are hidden in data in order to allow marketers to target, in a few clicks, their marketing campaigns, without the help of any data scientists. Beyond this highly motivating vote of confidence, this new round will allow us to extend our offer and accelerate our international development, starting in 2016,” says David Bessis, founder and CEO of Tinyclues.



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