Estate Brains: The Data Analytics platform that “changes the game” for Real Estate Professionals

One of the main problems for any real estate professional is the time he spends on making the right decisions. From evaluating a property for sale to choosing the optimal investment decision, several hours to days need to be spent on finding and analyzing the right data.

The main reasons that cause this problem are that even today there is no easy access to structured market data and that the tools that are currently available to professionals cannot help them to make a correct and fast analysis.

Estate Brains is a Data Analytics platform where with the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence, it transforms the data of the real estate market into useful information and decisions for professionals in the field.

The main goal of the platform is to give professionals such as brokers, investors, builders, etc. an easy access to structured data of the Real Estate market in real time as well as the ability to analyze and evaluate their own properties within a few seconds.

The first stimulus for the creation of the platform by Vassilis Tsougas and Dimitris Doukakaros, the founders of Estate Brains, came from their experience in the field of Real Estate through a property management company that has been operating for the last 6 years in Athens. The constant contact with professionals in the field such as real estate brokers and investors made them realize how difficult and time-consuming it is (in a market where billions are spent annually) to make effective decision-making through the right data.

Estate Brains collects billions of traditional and non-traditional data related to Real Estate every day and through sophisticated machine learning algorithms and geospatial analysis, it transforms this data into useful information, providing dynamic Reports, maps and Dashboards in a user-friendly environment.

The platform is addressed to all Real Estate professionals who want to upgrade their services and the way they make decisions with the use of technology and market data in real time.

At the moment it provides free access to a dynamic map where anyone can get a thorough picture of the purchases and sales that have been made in Greece in the last 5 years directly through its website.

For full access to the platform and its tools such as automated property reviews, Lead Generator and Marketwatch, it is enough to create an account and a member of Estate Brains to contact you for a demo.

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