THI’s 4th annual Venture Impact Awards now open for applications

Since its launch, the VIA program has awarded $645,000 in cash prizes to 37 winning companies,celebrating the ‘good’ done by Greece’s emerging for-profit ventures.

Young Greek entrepreneurs are achieving remarkable commercial success while contributing to the well-being of the society and the future of Greece. The Hellenic Initiative (THI) is proud to announce the launch of its 4th Annual Venture Impact Awards (VIA), an initiative designed to recognize and support companies that are thriving economically and ethically.

Founded in 2012, THI is a global non-profit organization that brings together Diaspora Greeks and Philhellenes to invest in Greece today through programs focused on economic development and crisis relief. Since its founding, THI has invested more than $20,5 million in Greece and is the largest Greek Diaspora organization in the world.

Since its launch, the VIA program has awarded $645,000 in cash prizes to 37 winning companies,celebrating the ‘good’ done by Greece’s emerging for-profit ventures. For the 4th consecutive year,VIA will realize its vision of supporting Greece’s brightest and most talented teams that demonstrate a measurable broad impact on society and which create scalable, sustainable ventures.

VIA’s original anchor donors were the estate of Charles C. Condes and the Helidoni Foundation.VIA winners will be selected based not only on their ability to generate financial returns but also on how, through their mission, they demonstrate human, social, or environmental impact while fostering collaboration and promoting innovation.

VIA complements THI programs like Envolve Greece, Venture Garden, the Athens Venture Fair, and Cyprus Seeds, which have worked with high-growth startups since 2012, helping them raise capital, be mentored by experienced executives, and expand their markets.

Startups interested in applying for the VIA should note that the application deadline is Monday, October 23rd, 2023. To submit their applications, they can follow this link:

Harriette Condes Zervakis, representative of The Charles C. Condes Trust, stated: ”Charles C. Condes would be so proud that VIA, now in its 4th year, continues to champion the fresh and innovative ideas of young Greek entrepreneurs who not only thrive but also inspire others.”

George P. Stamas, THI’s Board President, sαιδ that, “Βy strengthening existing startups with a social conscience and providing them with tools for sustainable progress, we are also fostering a dual culture of commercial and ethical excellence.”

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