Medical AI Startup Infermedica Releases a New Platform for Insurers

Infermedica, a Polish and US-based company, has released its white-labeled symptom checker and triage platform after successful pilots with European healthcare insurance companies Allianz Partners, Dovera, and PZU

Infermedica utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology which has the potential to significantly improve quality of care, both on the provider and the patient side.

The application advises patients on what to do next when they feel unwell. After asking a series of diagnostic questions, Infermedica’s AI suggests possible conditions and suitable actions to take. Infermedica estimates that typically up to 26% of patient cases are self-treatable, and a symptom checker can be used to prevent unnecessary visits by instead providing self-care or teleconsultations. Over three million people have used its platform and the underlying engine improves with time as more requests are processed.

“We focus solely on B2B partnerships and our mission is to provide the best AI technology to serve health systems and insurers,” says Piotr Orzechowski, CEO of Infermedica. “Infermedica works in the AI-as-a-Service model and has two main products: a highly customizable and easy to deploy symptom checker framework and the Infermedica API which now has over 1,700 developers subscribed, including our great partners such as Healthloop and Allianz.”

Started in 2012, the company combines doctor’s expertise with machine learning and has developed a statistical knowledge base of symptoms, signs, risk factors, and diseases.

The company recently re-designed its showcase application called Symptomate. Infermedica also became the first symptom checker application in the Microsoft Cortana ecosystem. The app is also available for Amazon Alexa across all its devices (Echo, Dot, Tap, Spot, Show) and third party party Alexa-compatible ones (e.g. Lenovo Smart Assistant, Eufy Genie, Garmin Speak, Muse).

Infermedica supports several languages: English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Slovak and Polish. The company plans to establish new partnerships in the USA, Europe and Middle East and is currently working on extending the application of its AI engine to clinical decision support and call center triage.

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