The “next big thing” tech products that leave their mark on MWC2022

Some products stood out more than others

The last day of the Mobile World Congress technology exhibition in Barcelona in 2022 ended with the Greek stigma and the presence of many more than 50,000 visitors compared to 2019 with the companies’ next target now being MWC 2023. At the heart of the exhibition remain 5G technologies and the next generation at internet speeds. Among the companies that were there on the last day and turned their interest to similar projects was Qualcomm, which presented the first WiFi chip and Intracom Telecom to launch 5G products.

Nothing also had an interesting presence with its new TWS headphones disrupting the market of earbuds with transparent design, which are connected to third-party devices, having an extra application for customizing gestures and the important feature of having acoustic contact with the outside world without having to take off the headphones.

What played the most in the exhibition

The most heard technologies, however, were those concerning the standard metaverse, 5G with sophisticated capabilities and private networks that will clearly support smart cities, locally and massively, as well as the sustainable transition to everything, IoT that will also interfere with the social and professional lives of digital citizens, AR and VR, robotics and electrical movement.

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