Wind: New flagship store in Kallithea

WIND presented its new flagship store in the historic building of the Meropeio Foundation at the digital event for media representatives entitled “Live Technology in a place with History”.

The new store is located in Kallithea, 62 Davaki street and Aristidou, and it is WIND’s largest physical store, where technology solutions and creativity meet in a retail space of high aesthetics, 100% digital.

The store is designed to offer technology and service experience to guests. It is divided into different zones that follow the categorization of all products and services offered by WIND, aiming at interaction and unique customer experience.

Digital screens are placed throughout the store and communicate current services and new technology products, so that the visitor is informed during his stay in the store.

Smartphone corners: All state-of-the-art smartphones are presented in the store and the visitor can try them live and be informed about them by qualified vendors.Also, in collaboration with Samsung, the store also hosts a Samsung Corner, where Samsung’s interactive smartphones are presented. In addition, there is a wide variety of technology products for “everyday action” from tablets, state-of-the-art wearables and a variety of accessories.

Fiber to the Home: Guests can enjoy, as if they are in the living room of their home, the ultra-high speeds offered by WIND Fiber to the Home, but also live the unique viewing and content experience of WIND Vision, as if they were in their personal Home cinema.

WIND ON WALL: Here is presented everything about the extremely popular combined programs fixed and mobile WIND ONE, which offer a series of services that cover all the needs of modern households.

Fiber to the Office: The business corner point inside the store, where corporate customers can discuss with our specialized partners, the solutions and tools their business needs to be competitive in the new digital reality.

“In this corner of Kallithea there is a building that has accompanied the area since the 1920s . It has been built with the plans of the famous D. Fotiadis and represents the eclecticism of the last century. Here have lived two important families of Greece, the Venizelos family and the Hadjikyriakos family.

The building was preserved in various ways, but remained unexploited and without maintenance for many years, until WIND took on the role to save it, to offer help to the Meropeio Foundation every month and mainly to develop the aesthetics that we so badly need nowadays.

“It is our great pleasure to have contributed to the rescue of a historic building and we see it gaining a second life today through technology. The goal we have for the largest store in the chain, is to become an interactive space of high aesthetics, with excellent functionality, accessible to all and 100% digital, which will highlight in the best way the services and WIND’s products.”, stated WIND’s General Manager of Sales and Customer Service Christos Noulis.

The new store incorporates WIND’s sustainable development goals and has been certified as climate neutral, following the strictest protocols for reducing the environmental footprint in accordance with the international greenhouse gas protocol, ISO 14064 and certification by the reputable body First Climate.

At the same time, the building is a living example of circular economy, as WIND took over a building ready for demolition and gave it back to the city and society as a unique gem.

Materials were reused and modern practices were incorporated to extend the life of the building, to upgrade its energy with new generation environmentally friendly materials, taking care of their durability over time and providing it with higher energy efficiency.

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