Conference on Mental Health and the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been and continues to be a threat to our population, not only in terms of their physical health, but also in terms of mental health, appearing as invisible emotional pressure. This emotional pressure is exacerbated by the current economic crisis created by the pandemic, resulting in the population feeling that it is in a vicious circle with no way out.

The stress, the conflicts due to financial problems, the sadness and the general uncertainty of this era undoubtedly lead and will lead to mental health crises. Society must pay particular attention to its collective resilience. It is therefore important communities that are seeking the new normality to face the challenge of supporting their members at all levels.

The Association of SA and Limited Liability Companies, listening to this great social need to organize a conference in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Health Zoe Rapti and on the subject “Mental Health and Pandemic: Family, Society, Economy“, on Thursday, December 16 at 16:00-18:00.

“Both the pandemic and the inevitable protection measures have dramatically changed the lives and everyday routine of citizens and overturned anything we used to take for granted and safe. The psychosocial effects of the pandemic are undoubtedly alarming.”, stated the President of the Association, Simos Anastasopoulos.

It has been recorded in many surveys, worldwide, a very high percentage of people with anxiety, exceeding 1/3 of the population, but also feelings of intense fear and depression. Feelings of uncertainty about the financial situation in every household and business are added to the pressure from the disease and we consider it self-evident as an Association representing active entrepreneurship in Greece to investigate this serious issue that implicitly afflicts society and the economy.

The program in detail

Greeting: President of the Association, Simos Anastassopoulos

Introductory Speech: Deputy Minister of Health, Zoe Rapti

Presentation: President of Women’s Committee and CEO of TOTOTHEO MARITIME, Despina Theodosiou

Panel 1

Family: children, young people, parents

Coordination: John Dionatos, publisher


Eleni Lazaratou, child psychiatrist professor , First Psychiatric Clinic, Medical School of the University of Athens

Dr. Chatzifotiou Sevasti, Associate Professor of Social Work at the Department of Social Management and Political Science of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Rania Aikaterinari, Member of the Greek Governance Council and former CEO of the Hellenic Company of Holdings and Property, Member of the Women’s Committee of the Association SA Ltd

Panel 2

Society: teachers, health workers, public servants


Giorgos Dellis, Nurse, Representative of the National Public Health Organization Management Team for the coronavirus

Christos Tsopelas, Psychiatrist, Director of the National Health System, Psychiatric Hospital of Attica, Secretary of the Board of Directors of EYDE

Katerina Nomidou, member, Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on the mental health impacts of COVID-19 in the WHO European Region

Panel 3

Economy: entrepreneurs, executives, employees

Coordination: Dr. Ioanna Anastasopoulou, SG SAE and Ltd.


Eftichia Kasselaki, EY Partner 

Dr. Venetia Kousia, General Manager at Competitive Council

Mourla Georgia, Deputy Chief Officer, Issuer Relations at Athens Stock Exchange

Conclusions – Proposals 

More information

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