Quantistry secures €3M funding led by Ananda Impact Ventures to accelerate discovery of new sustainable materials 

This funding will boost Quantistry's efforts to transform chemical and material R&D with Quantum and AI, driving industrial innovation towards a more sustainable future

Quantistry (quantistry.com), an innovator in the field of chemical simulations, has announced the successful closure of a €3 million funding round. This significant milestone, led by Ananda Impact Ventures, galvanizes Quantistry’s mission to revolutionize the research and development (R&D) landscape through its advanced cloud-native simulation platform powered by Quantum and AI. With contributions from notable co-investors, Chemovator, the business incubator of BASFIBB Ventures, and a Family Office, this funding will accelerate Quantistry’s efforts to transform chemical R&D and discovery of new materials, promoting sustainable futures across several fast-growing industries.
Innovating R&D Through Quantum and AI
At the heart of Quantistry’s groundbreaking approach is its holistic computational platform which integrates quantum technologies, physics-based simulations, and machine learning. This platform addresses the key challenges facing industrial R&D, including high costs, fragmented expertise, and slow innovation. By leveraging quantum-based simulations, multiscale modelling, and AI-driven insights, Quantistry’s powerful cloud-native tool enhances the optimization, discovery, and design of innovative materials, offering unprecedented benefits to industries seeking sustainable solutions.
A Vision for the Future
Quantistry’s all-encompassing approach comes at a critical time when industries are under increasing pressure to find greener alternatives. The company’s technology is poised to make a significant impact by enabling the rapid testing and development of new materials that are essential for a range of applications, from next-gen batteries and polymers to alloys and carbon capture. By focusing on sustainability and efficiency, Quantistry empowers leaders across strategic industrial sectors worldwide to meet today’s challenges through Quantum and AI-based solutions.
Marcel Quennet, CEO of Quantistry, says: “With the backing of Ananda, Chemovator (BASF), and IBB Ventures we’ve found the perfect partners to realize our vision. It’s clear: simulations not only transform the industrial R&D landscape but also steer it towards a greener future—yet, they remain out of reach for many. Together, we’re democratizing this technology, shaping the future of chemical R&D and materials science from Quantum to AI.”
Alina Bassi, Investment Manager at Ananda Impact Ventures, adds: “We believe that Quantistry has a key role to play in the future of new sustainable materials, using quantum chemistry, chemical simulations and AI. Ananda brings our knowledge and networks from the chemical industry and that of scaling software, to support Quantistry in their growth towards an ever-growing impactful organization.”

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