The emerging startups that excelled at the iCBA

The final event of the Intelligent Cross Border Accelerator for ICT-enabled startups (iCBA) project, implemented over the last 2 years, within the framework of the INTERREG Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, was successfully completed.

The event was attended and greeted by the Deputy Minister of Interior (Macedonia-Thrace Sector) Mr. Stavros Kalafatis, while Mr. Theodoros Karaoglou, MP for Thessaloniki B and Mr. Michalis Dritsas, Director of the Office of Development and Investments of Dr. Christos Dimas.

The participants were trained from experts and through seminars, which addressed to the 25-30 most promising business ideas. Of these, 15-20 proposals were put forward to claim investments, aiming at the creation of new Startups and corresponding jobs.

Among them, the best 26 teams emerged, namely 15 from Greece and 11 from North Macedonia, who presented their business model to 38 institutional investors, business angels and companies at the Alexandria Innovation Zone premises.

The main objective of the iCBA project was to provide business training and guidance to help create and support startups in the cross-border zone of Greece-Republic of North Macedonia.

The project, co-funded by the European Union and national resources of the participating countries, is coordinated by the Alexandria Innovation Zone, the CITY College’s SEERC research center, the High-Tech Enterprise Park “Technopolis Thessaloniki”, the University of Information Science and Technology (UIST) “Apostolos Pavlos”, NCDIEL (National Centre for the Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning) and the YES Foundation.The aim of all the entities that participated in the event is the institutionalization of the competition on an annual basis as it is an important aid to the ecosystem of the region.

Within the framework of the project, the Next Stage Challenge competition was also implemented, with the support of Ideas Forward, a complete program for the development and support of business ideas from Thessaloniki, Kilkis, Florina and Pella.

Here are the results of the Next Stage Challenge 2021 in detail:

-Εarly Revenues stage:

1st place: SEAMX Cash prize 10,000 euros from Ideas Forward

Online platform that allows organizers and sponsors of running sporting events to offer a top-notch personalized experience to their runners.

2nd place: FleetPass – Support Package (co-working, headquarters, perks) from the Alexandria Innovation Zone

Software for managing fleets of vehicles that daily perform multiple stops, automating the scheduling and tracking of routes.

-Prototype stage:

1st place: AidPlex – Cash prize of 6,000 euros from Ideas Forward

Smart device that applies to scoliosis braces of any type, solving the problem of monitoring the proper use of the brace to adjust the treatment.

2nd place: – Support package (co-working, headquarters, perks) from the Alexandria Innovation Zone

Software that improves the results of IVF clinics by analyzing embryo images and assessing the likelihood of them leading to pregnancy.

Idea stage:

1st place: METIS – Cash prize of 4,000 euros from Ideas Forward

Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in stages I and II, through a low-cost non-invasive diagnostic test, which detects small molecules in urine samples.

2nd place: Skolix – Support package (co-working, headquarters, perks) from the Alexandria Innovation Zone

Production of animal protein by insects for use in animal feed and food supplements, based on sustainable breeding of flourworms (Tenebrio Molitor).

In addition, outside the competition process, the following prizes were given by the sponsors in order to meet the needs of the startup teams:

Lancom – 2 years Virtual Private Server subscription worth 3,810 euros:

Aretheart: Online purchase of digital art by selected artists around the world with a focus on the environmental impact of printing and delivering the works.

Agro-U: Online marketplace that allows farmers, stockbreeders and processing units to connect quickly and easily with workers in the agri-food sector.


Ratio Law – Drafting of articles of association for the establishment of a Private Capital Company

OK! Thess – Entering the next cycle of the accelerator program



eggxcel: Reducing CO2 emissions from heavy industries by using highly efficient, thermally stable, sustainable CO2-capture sorbents produced from egg shells.


Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom – Organization of a business mission to the Ecosystem of Germany for 5 teams – Candidacy for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards INNOVATE GREECE 2021

Elektronio: Electric scooters of innovative design that allow the sustainable delivery of packages / loads in urban environment, with high safety and comfort for the riders.

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