Papastratos: Target to plant 70,000 trees by 2023

Papastratos announced the commencement of an integrated reforestation program in Attica, with the planting of 70,000 trees by 2023 and their care by 2026. This is the first contract reforestation program to be implemented after this year’s fires. 

At the heart of the reforestation program is the Ippokratios Politia, an area that suffered during the summer fires. A total of 1,000 acres (500 acres in Ippokratios Politia and 500 acres in Agios Stefanos) will be reforested with trees compatible with Greek biodiversity, in cooperation with the State and the Local Government. The beginning was symbolically made in Agios Stefanos, an area that cannot be regenerated naturally, with the planting of the first 300 trees. Among the trees planted are carob trees, redbuds, arbutus, cypresses, pines, lentisks and holm oak.

The project began on Sunday, December 5th, on the International Day of Volunteerism, with the symbolic participation of “Papastratos” employees. The coordination and supervision of the project has been undertaken by a team of scientists, while the best practices of planting and monitoring will be applied internationally. Upon completion of each planting period, “Papastratos” will publicly inform the competent bodies about the progress of the program. The initiative is part of the programme of the company “We continue together” while the total cost amounts to 1 million euros. 

“The climate crisis is here. It is a reality that after this summer no one can ignore. Findings are not enough. It’s time for action. Through the program of “Papastratos” for the planting and care of 70,000 trees we take a stand against the biggest challenge of our planet. Guided by science, with confidence in the experts but also with a plan that is immediate and complete, we seek to breathe back into the natural environment of Attica.”, said the President and CEO of the company, Christos Harpantidis.

“Papastratos is making use of a new tool of the Ministry of Environment, namely the Contractor of Reforestation and Restoration. On this slope, where you see burnt, from tomorrow you will see new sprouts, thanks to the reforestation of the company. The climate crisis is relentless, and I believe that only with partnerships and synergies we can address it.”, stated the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, George Amyras.

“We are very happy that we are starting a very big effort for the Attica region. In collaboration with the company Papastratos, which responded and showed great sensitivity to contribute to the reforestation of a three times burned area. In collaboration with the company, we enrich and help nature with plants that will also be fire resistant, using a mix of conifer broadleaves, thus increasing both biodiversity and nature’s resilience.”, commented the Director of the General Directorate of Forests and Forest Environment of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Vangelis Gountoufas.

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